Data Privacy, Strategy, and Governance

Complete and Compliant Data to Fuel Your Business Success

First-party data is the key to exceeding consumer expectations in today’s privacy-centric landscape. Our experts help from strategy through execution to make sure your data architecture is able to deliver.

Our Methodology

6 Ps of Digital Analytics
Transformation Planning

Using our 6 Ps methodology, we partner with organizations to assess their purpose, people, platform, and processes that enable measurement and data to be a fundamental part of decision making, and ultimately if the current set-up is driving pace for marketing improvement and profit from all digital initiatives.

The 6 Ps approach helps ensure that the digital strategy is not only effective in achieving business goals but also aligns with legal and regulatory requirements, fostering trust and confidence among customers and stakeholders.

Data Privacy, Strategy, and Governance

What We Offer

Data privacy, strategy, and governance are interconnected elements that impact data collection and use within organizations. By prioritizing data privacy, developing a robust data strategy, and implementing effective data governance practices, organizations can ensure responsible and compliant data collection and use, fostering trust with individuals and maximizing the value derived from data-driven initiatives.

See How You Measure

Google Analytics 360 and Google Marketing Platform Support

With any investment your organization makes, it’s important that your team has the ability to maximize its potential use. InfoTrust partners with organizations to achieve this through our weekly engagements to conduct any troubleshooting / configurations for Google Analytics 360 or other products in the Google Marketing Platform suite (Campaign Manager 360, Display & Video 360, etc.), share best-in-class practices and trends that we’re seeing in the industry, and help create any data visualizations via Looker Studio.

Tag Inspector10 Common Questions From Companies Considering Google Analytics 360

Google Cloud Partner

Google Cloud Partners have engineers who are trained, tested, and certified on their proficiency with Google Cloud productions and solutions. By working with a certified Cloud Partner like InfoTrust, you can trust our team with the technical know-how and experience to address your specific business challenges.

Build and Share Audiences

Audience Strategy

From analytics data sets like Google Analytics to data clean rooms like Ads Data Hub, the InfoTrust team is equipped to build and share audiences with your advertising platform. We’ll seek to understand your target customer, review your first-party data, and build customized audiences.

The Company Behind Tag Inspector

InfoTrust is the technology team behind the industry-leading tag governance and monitoring platform.

Developed by the InfoTrust engineering team, Tag Inspector allows marketers to audit and monitor all of a website’s tags. If you manage a large site or multi-brand enterprise, Tag Inspector’s comprehensive tag library and real user monitoring across any tag management system gives your organization unparalleled data quality and performance peace of mind.

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With a deep understanding of the evolving regulatory landscape and industry best practices, InfoTrust helps clients navigate the complexities of data privacy and governance, ensuring compliance and building trust with customers. By developing robust data strategies, InfoTrust enables clients to harness the power of data to drive business outcomes, making informed decisions and gaining a competitive edge. With InfoTrust as a partner, clients can confidently collect, use, and protect data, unlocking its full potential while maintaining compliance and fostering trust with their stakeholders.

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