Maximize ROI with Google Campaign Manager 360

Efficiently manage, measure, and optimize your ads across multiple channels to gain valuable insights and improve the effectiveness of your digital campaigns.

Why Campaign Manager 360?

Establish a reliable single source of truth for ad delivery and verification. Obtain clear insights into your advertising campaigns by incorporating attribution, reporting, and automated validation from external sources.

Enable your media, creative, and analytics teams to work more efficiently thanks to ‌built-in integration with other Google products like Display & Video 360, Analytics 360, and Search Ads 360.

Control your video and display advertising across various platforms such as web, mobile applications, YouTube, and new mediums like connected TV.

Choose the capabilities that best help you manage and measure your campaigns with third-party features and server-to-server integrations.

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Manager 360 Partner

InfoTrust is an official reseller of Campaign Manager 360, making our team of experts your go-to partner to get you up and running with services that include:

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Official GMP Reseller of:

Google Analytics 360

Enterprise-level version of Google Analytics


Display & Video 360

Enterprise platform for programmatic buying and campaign management


Campaign Manager 360

A reliable single source of truth for ad delivery and verification

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