Strategic Risk Assessment

Start Your Journey to Privacy-Centric Advertising

The data governance and privacy landscape is changing rapidly. Major transformations are underway—and they will have massive impacts on marketing and advertising as we currently know it. It’s imperative that your organization is preparing as we move into an unknown future.

Time for a Reality Check

Assess Your Marketing Strategy’s Reliance on Third-Party Cookies

The most important activity to begin preparations is to evaluate where your business stands today. A comprehensive assessment of your current state before considering any possible solutions is a must.

We recommend focusing on three different evaluations:

Assess Your Reliance On Third-party Cookies

Strategic Risk Assessment

Google has expressed its intention to phase out support for third-party cookies in Chrome browsers by 2022, and Safari effectively stopped support for third-party cookies with their introduction of Intelligent Tracking Prevention in 2019. Before you can adequately adapt, you must first assess how much your marketing platforms will be affected without third-party cookies. Here’s how we’ll guide you through the process: 

  1. Conduct an inventory of tags present on your website. Leverage Tag Inspector to inventory all of the marketing and advertising platforms currently collecting data and placing cookies on your owned and operated properties.
  2. Identify the business owners and business use cases for each tag, as well as the types of cookies they set. Creation of a comprehensive evaluation of your advertising and marketing KPIs, which of those strategic outcomes are reliant on platforms using third-party cookies, and prioritizing your roadmap to privacy-centric advertising. 
  3. Review the need for a Customer Data Platform (CDP) for customer reach and identity resolution. We help you evaluate how you are currently aggregating first-party user data and if you are able to integrate owned datasets across devices and platforms. If integration is not currently possible, it’s time to evaluate architecture updates and platforms to help you gain a single view of your consumers.

Assess Your Regulatory Compliance

Privacy Enforcement is Heating Up

Government regulations like the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) and Europe’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) have placed limits on data processing, and the future of data privacy looks like it’s heading toward more regulation, not less. 

Our team of data governance specialists will help you evaluate all platforms in use to identify which are processing data which falls in scope of relevant privacy regulations. From there, we’ll help guide you through the process of documenting these practices and defining your tag governance policy. Ultimate outputs will be documentation of approved data collection behavior and the documentation necessary to begin configuring your architecture for proper disclosures, user choice, and user access/deletion.

Assess Your First-Party Data Availability and Modeling Capabilities

First-party Data Collection and Activation

First-party data is the information that you collect directly from your consumers on your owned and operated properties. In a cookieless world, that data will become more and more important. Let us help you maximize your use of first-party data:

  • Conduct a review of your first-party data collection architecture. Evaluate ways to optimize your properties for user consent, collection of anonymous data, and evaluating data structures to ensure downstream integration can be attained.
  • Strategize your approach to collect “named” first-party data. Help you create your strategy for getting users to register and consent to you marketing to them in a one-to-one context.
  • Evaluate the systems you have in place to maximize the value of your first-party “named” data. Registered, consenting users provide you “key” to join disparate user datasets and unlock the power of integration. We’ll evaluate the architecture in place to integrate and action these datasets.

Identify the core initiatives you have to analyze the data you’re collecting. Review your first-party data modeling practices and techniques to determine any opportunities for growth.

Lay the Groundwork

It’s natural to have many questions about the impact of privacy changes — that’s why we’re the experts. What regulations are on the horizon? Keeping up with the ins and outs of the latest technology is a job in and of itself, and many solutions are still in the testing phase. Assessing your risk is imperative—don’t get bogged down by the flurry of new developments before you even start. Instead, take a deep look inside your organization. Analyze your current reliance on third-party cookies and how you’re using first-party data, and you will be better positioned to tackle whatever changes are on the horizon.

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