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Free lunch at work? Yes, you are hearing me right.

At my work, they offer free lunch every-single-day. Also, we are provided with free snacks and beverages to boot! This is such an awesome perk, and here is why:

  • I am saving so much money every day! Before I came on-board I was working somewhere that I ate out every day. I would spend anywhere between $5 – $12.00 a day on lunch and beverages. Not to mention extra trips to the lunch room snack box where you could purchase chips for $1. I am saving on average of $42.50 a month!
  • I get to spend time with my coworkers
  • If I am in the zone, and don’t want to stop to eat, I can just go grab a plate and head back to my desk
  • There are always yummy leftovers in the fridge
  • We have a lot of variety, which is nice!
  • We try (try) to have healthy options available everyday
  • The snacks and beverages that are stocked in the fridge are taken by request
  • Happy hour – yes, beer – included is a common occurrence (of course after you are clocked out 😉 )
  • On Fridays, we are encouraged to take home any leftovers


I know that this benefit is not free for InfoTrust to offer us, but I truly appreciate that every day I know that is one less thing I need to worry about!

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