So who are the most followed Twitterers (is that a word) here in Cincinnati?

Last week the InfoTrust team put together a comprehensive list of all Twitter handles of NewCo presenters

Is it Dave Knox? Is it Wendy Lea?

Drum roll please….

These numbers are as of 11am on August 2, 2015. Obviously by the time you are reading this post, these incredible entrepreneurs have probably started a business, raised a round of funding and gained a couple of thousand followers in the process. 

So, without further ado, here are the numbers:

Dave Knox  – – 15.9K followers

Bob Gilbreath – – 13.2K followers

Jeff Shepard – – 12.5 followers

Wendy Lea – – 8980 followers

Michael Loban – – 5519 followers

Congratulations, Dave!

Our five finalists are awesome, but we didn’t stop at that. Here is a list of all presenter’s twitter accounts to make it easy for you to follow all of our brilliant entrepreneurs and mentors:

Congrats to Dave, Bob, Jeff, Wendy and Michael. Congrats to the Cincy Startup community for having these incredible leaders. I very much look forward to updating this list next year and hopefully seeing a lot of new names.





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About The Author: Alex Yastrebenetsky is a founder (and CEO) of InfoTrust. Known as "The Brain" (Pinky and the Brain) around the office, he enjoy traveling with his wife and young children.