We get it:Organizing digital projects – especially building new sites, apps or getting your organization to be more digitally present – is complex. However, the time and energy investment is worth it and our Managing Director, Amin Shawki, recently hosted a webinar explaining why.

We gathered some best practices on how to best handle building and maintaining a digital analytics architecture as well as creating a solid, sustainable (yet fast-moving) tag management practice.
Specifically, we discussed:

  1. Key items to consider when (re)building your digital analytics architecture and tag management strategy
  2. Scenarios for the successful creation of digital analytics architectures – multi-brand/site organizations or single site/app enterprises
  3. Best practices for selecting web analytics and tag management tools/software
  4. What’s next for digital analytics and tag management

Interested? Watch the recap below!

Want the slides? Click here to download them!

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