The final Web Analytics Wednesday of 2016 had 30 attendees present; a number we hope continues to grow as WAW returns in January of 2017!


The attendees present this past Wednesday were not let down, as Ry Walker of Astronomer delivered a fascinating presentation on the future of data and data science – specifically AI, data pipelines, and Airflow.

Ry’s presentation at the InfoTrust office in Blue Ash started with a discussion on issues with data today. Put simply: It’s being stored, but not fully utilized. Every day, IBM estimates the world is generating 2.5 quintillion (2,500,000,000,000,000,000) bytes of data. But this data is sprawled all over and completely disconnected. Astronomer helps take your current data (likely at rest, in some type of warehouse or cloud) and puts it in motion with their advanced collection, processing and sharing techniques.

As always, InfoTrust provided pizza and drinks. If you don’t come back for the presentation (but we think you will!), there’s always that – plus it’s a great opportunity to network!

See you in January!


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About The Author: James Love is the digital advertising manager at InfoTrust, certified in both Google AdWords & Bing Ads. His day-to-day includes optimizing ad campaigns, marketing strategy, data analysis, and SEO. His personal passions include golf, coaching hockey, and obsessing over Cincinnati sports teams.