Users of the Real-Time feature of Google Analytics now can see – and share — their results more easily.

As you may know, Real-Time allows you to monitor site or app activity as it happens. Each hit is reported seconds after it occurs, enabling nimble marketers to adapt their campaigns or make crucial decisions for maximum effectiveness as quickly as possible.

A Better Way to Stay Informed!


The recent innovation has integrated Real-Time’s functionality with the dashboard capabilities currently in GA. Now you can choose and change widgets, colors, and metrics shown in the overview of your site or app activity. The more you know about your activity, the better informed you become!

Team Meetings Made Better!


Another great feature is the ability to chromecast Real-Time results.  This is fantastic and makes team meetings easier now because you can now show results to the multiple stakeholders for your marketing campaign in a single meeting.  Collaboration is smoother because the data is presented and shared the best way possible. Team members can take deep dives with you into things like which pages are getting the most activity and when, and the immediate effects of a specific post or social media comment.

If you’re looking for ways to leverage your data better, contact your InfoTrust Consultant today. InfoTrust is a Google Analytics Certified Partner, Google Analytics Premium Reseller and Salesforce Registered Consulting Partner.

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About The Author: Amanda Grossmann is an Analytics Engineer Consultant on the InfoTrust team and has a background in consumer insights research with Fortune 500 companies and startups. When she isn't doing analysis and tag implementations, you can find her rollerblading or mixing music.