This year’s Summer Fitness Challenge has come to an end!¬†Congrats to everyone who participated ¬†with a Grand Total of 16,050,782 steps! YAY!

At InfoTrust, we enjoy growing healthier together… and making a healthy competition about it! That’s why we team up around the world for a health step-counting competition.

Curious about the results? We hoped you would be!

Below are the results for the 2017 Summer Fitness Challenge.


Summer Fitness Challenge Results


Team Results


Overall Team 1 dominated the challenge by taking a massive lead in July and following that up with an even bigger lead in August!

Individual Results


    • June
      • Michael 496,474.00
      • Seth 467,028.00
      • Shasnika 307,301.00
    • July
      • Michael 593,473.00
      • Seth 402,012.00
      • Amanda 341,858.00
    • August
      • Michael 445,022.00
      • David 422,004.00
      • Seth 413,599.00




    • Michael 1,577,492.00
    • Seth 1,282,639.00
    • David 1013840.00


Michael put up consistent numbers along with having the highest single day with 55,024 steps and a daily average of 17,247!


How Are You Doing Today Results?

Overall Infotrust Health Indicator


While a large portion of the submissions didn’t specify How they felt today we do see a majority of people are Feeling Groovy.

We see some interesting things when these results are split by user.

  • Michael and Amanda are the grooviest
  • Courtney and Amin are the the most spry
  • Amin and Zain are just not good


Number of Submissions



Team Submissions

Submission Rate

Team 1 645


Team 2 593


Team 3 450



6 people had perfect submission counts of 91 days! Nicely done Seth, Pam, Jen, James, Courtney, and Amanda!

A few people skewed these numbers by submitting multiple days at a time as a single entry *cough Chris*

We are proud of our team exemplifying our Growth Core Value!

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