Working at InfoTrust

We hire the best web developers and online marketers in the world. To attract them, making InfoTrust a great place to work is priority number one and we are very passionate about it! Just ask any employee about the free lunches, fun quarterly outings, and impulsive ping pong tournaments!

InfoTrust is about working on the coolest projects and technologies: it’s about the journey being the reward. InfoTrust offers highly competitive compensation, free lunch, full benefits and four weeks of paid vacation. Smart people like to work with other smart people, so we are fanatic about hiring the absolute best people we can get.

Our goal is for potential employees to walk in the front door and smile in delight.

InfoTrust is proud to be a 2012 Best Places to Work Finalist

The very quality of our lives depends on creating workplace communities that nourish and sustain us. Our gal is, when potential employees walk in the front door at InfoTrust, they will say, “Damn, this is an awesome place!”

Plants and video games, good coffee and sunlight! Great computers, great support staff, art on the walls, and things that will make you go wow. Free lunch and Wii games and exercise boards. In the future, onsite exercise room and showers.

We do not want people to have to hide at home or at a coffee shop in order to get things done. We know it is possible to build an environment where team members want to come to work in the morning, shut the door when they have to ‘get in the zone’, come out when they are ready to talk or play some WII, and in the process build something special.

Life is too short to work at a place that is dull and unpleasant. Therefore, we created a list of things that we find unacceptable:

  1. It is unacceptable to spend most of your daylight hours in a dark room with no windows
  2. It is unacceptable to work in a tiny grey, institutional cubicle that is smaller than what most farm animals spend their days in
  3. It is unacceptable to work in an environment built on hierarchy, intimidation, ego, and adversarial relationships
  4. It is unacceptable to have tiers of subcontract project managers scream at you for not getting things done under ridiculous deadlines
  5. It is unacceptable to have only 2 weeks of vacation a year – it doesn’t leave enough time to spend at the beach. (Read our recent blog post on our vacation policy)

Building InfoTrust is as much an exercise in building a community as it is an exercise in writing code or launching a marketing campaign.

Take a look at our open positions.

Our Location

InfoTrust headquarters are in Blue Ash, Ohio. We have abundant free parking and easy access to 275 and I-71. We are located on Reed Hartman, between Cornell and Pfeiffer, and 10 minutes from Kenwood or Tri-County mall.

For more detailed directions and a picture of our building click here.